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Robert Herbold J. What's Holding You Back?. 10 Bold Steps that Define Gutsy Leaders scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
Leadership is not for everyone. It requires bold, gutsy individuals. If you accept that premise, you will find his [Bob Herbold’s] book rewarding reading. —Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail Quit hiding from tough decisions and learn to confront them head-on Why do managers at all levels sacrifice corporate success by shying away from making the tough decisions? What's Holding You Back? reveals exactly why managers often hesitate to confront difficult issues-whether it's the absence of a perfect solution, the knowledge that no decision will please everyone, etc.-and, most importantly, how they can overcome these common managerial obstacles to maximize their company's success. What's Holding You Back? elucidates the ten core principles of confident leadership, outlining proven tactics by which managers can confront their inner wimp and highlight their inner courage. Features dynamic real-world examples from Apple, Microsoft, Porsche, IBM, Merck, Canon, Sony, Whirlpool, IDEO, Tesco, P&G, Target, 3M, and more Pinpoints the corporate failures that can result from hesitant or self-conscious organizations, and what managers can do to avoid them Clearly delineates how managers can cultivate and deliver accountable and decisive leadership, even during the toughest dilemmas What's Holding You Back? proves that practicing gutsy leadership is the key to operational and innovative excellence in the workplace
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International Economics: Theory, Practice and Lessons for Africa scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
This book, International Economics:Theory, Practice and Lessons for Africa" introduces students to the main concepts and methods of international economics and illustrates them with applications drawn from the real world. Written from an African perspective, this book offers coverage of key concepts of international economics: international trade and international finance. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that students understand how to use theory in real world context-thus providing undergraduate students with everything they need to understand in this course. International Economics: Theory, Practice and Lessons for Africa is for a diverse mix of students: economics majors, master of business administration, development studies, political science, public administration and international relations.
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The Cuban Affair scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers

The Cuban Affair

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The Cuban Affair scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
Daniel 'Mac' MacCormick has a good life. Aged thirty-five and a decorated US Army veteran, he whiles away his life in stunning Key West, Florida, running a forty-two-foot charter fishing boat The Maine. A ladies' man and rule-breaker, Mac has it all - apart from the money to hold on to his beloved boat.Then Mac is approached by a hotshot Miami lawyer called Carlos with an apparently irresistable offer: a fee of $2 million to run the boat into Havana and smuggle out $60 million from a stash hidden from the Castro government - cash once owned by the family of a beautiful Cuban-American woman named Sara Ortega.With the political 'Cuban Thaw' underway, it's only a matter of time before someone finds the stash. But Mac knows if he accepts this job, he'll walk away rich...or not at all.
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Petroleum Service Projects in the Gulf of Guinea scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
This is the first work of its kind that addresses the key topics needed for success in the Petroleum and Energy Service Industry in most gulf regions of the world. It is a treasure to Managers, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Engineers. This book contains practical scenarios from the Petroleum and Energy Service Industry. Lessons learned from this book may launch business ideas and clarify many lingering questions about this industry. This is the first book of its kind that dives into the heart of the economically lucrative side of the industry. Reading this book will provide a healthy balance between the Business and Technical aspects of the Industry. This book can be used as a point of reference for Petroleum activities worldwide. Companies and Individuals can save significant time and money in their activities by learning from the Petroleum Service Projects in the Gulf of Guinea.
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Larry Bonfante Lessons in IT Transformation. Technology Expert to Business Leader scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
Important insights into the true purpose of IT?from a CIO's perspective Focusing on the qualities required to transform an organization through the lens of the CIO, this book provides practical advice on how to address key issues, as well as create a context for the type of leadership qualities required to broaden the CIO's impact in every aspect of the corporation. Provides practical advice on key issues for leadership qualities Looks at the differences between leadership and management and the need for effectiveness in both disciplines Explores relationship management, communication skills, change management, developing human capital, sustainability, alignment, and qualities of great leaders A timely look at how the IT function can become totally aligned with the strategies and operational direction of the business enterprise, Lessons in IT Transformation reveals how CIOs can?and should?evolve from managers of utility services to business leaders who can drive revenue, value, and process redesign.
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Doctor Who: The Cruel Sea scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
By popular demand! An outstanding volume of comic strips collecting the complete adventures of the Ninth Doctor (played on TV by Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Featuring five complete stories from the acclaimed writers of the Doctor Who TV series Gareth Roberts and Robert Shearman, and also by Doctor Who Magazine writer Scott Gray, this volume includes a wealth of exclusive, brand-new material revealing how the strips were created, featuring contributions and commentary from the writesr and artists.
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Lessons from the Window Seat, Achieving Shared Vision in the Workplace scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
Written in a lively story format, Lessons from the Window Seat provides a practical tool for the reader to better understand themselves, their individual psychological core values and how those values relate to where and why they work.
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Sean Simko P. Strategic Fixed Income Investing. An Insider's Perspective on Bond Markets, Analysis, and Portfolio Management scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
Build a fixed income portfolio that will weather volatility and instability Designing a fixed income portfolio is an essential skill of any investment manager or advisor. This book outlines the critical components to successfully navigate through stable and turbulent markets, using real-life lessons from a seasoned institutional asset manager. The first section includes commentary on the changing fixed income market and overall economy, while the second section outlines the processes to navigate these ever-evolving markets including portfolio construction, the Federal Reserve, credit analysis and trade execution. Ladder Methodology is highlighted and the book discusses its pros and cons, gives examples of both well-constructed and poorly executed laddered bond portfolios and offers alternatives to traditional asset classes. Benefit from lessons learned, providing real life examples of market scenarios and trades Prepare fixed income portfolios that can weather any storm Written by Sean P. Simko, an expert on fixed income investing, who shares his investing experiences from the past 16 years Outlines the key principles of the Ladder strategy From strategy to execution, Strategic Fixed Income Investing offers the road map to help investment managers prepare portfolios that will insulate investments against adverse market conditions.
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Brian Halligan Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
The Grateful Dead-rock legends, marketing pioneers The Grateful Dead broke almost every rule in the music industry book. They encouraged their fans to record shows and trade tapes; they built a mailing list and sold concert tickets directly to fans; and they built their business model on live concerts, not album sales. By cultivating a dedicated, active community, collaborating with their audience to co-create the Deadhead lifestyle, and giving away «freemium» content, the Dead pioneered many social media and inbound marketing concepts successfully used by businesses across all industries today. Written by marketing gurus and lifelong Deadheads David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan, Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead gives you key innovations from the Dead's approach you can apply to your business. Find out how to make your fans equal partners in your journey, «lose control» to win, create passionate loyalty, and experience the kind of marketing gains that will not fade away!
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Effective Management of Social Enterprise – Lessons from Business and Civil Society Organizations in Iberoamerica scott  kays five key lessons from top money managers
Effective Management of Social Enterprise – Lessons from Business and Civil Society Organizations in Iberoamerica
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