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Car Back-Up/Parking Sensor Radar System - Black koorinwoo car parking sensors 6 alarm
Color: Black - Model: KG168 - 3-level sound alarm - Auto barrier detection - Detection range: 0-2.5m - Rated voltage: 12V - Input voltage range: 9-16V - English voice alert - Package includes: - 1 x Main monitor - 1 x Power cable (118cm) - 1 x LED display (cable length: 538cm) - 1 x Loudspeaker (cable length: 387cm) - 4 x Sensors (cable length: 243cm) - 1 x Drill
2347.31 RUR
180 Degree Rotatable Digital LCD Monitor Car Parking Sensor / Radar Kit (DC 12V) koorinwoo car parking sensors 6 alarm
Digital LCD displayer - Light divided into two groups and each group displays detection of the two sensors - Monitor can be rotated 180 degrees in the vertical direction - Built-in buzzer alarm loudspeaker - Backlight color indicate obstacle distance - Green > yellow > red (nearest) - Detection range: 0.3m~2m - Alarm volume: 83dB - Input voltage: DC 12V - Operating temperature: -30'C~ 70'C - Accessories: - 4 x Parking sensors (250cm-cable length) - 1 x Monitor (580cm-cable length) - 1 x Power cable (120cm) - 1 x Adhesive tape - 1 x 21.5mm sensor drill - 1 x English manual
2096.95 RUR
Digital VFD Rearview Mirror + 4-Channel Parking Sensors Radar Kits (12V) koorinwoo car parking sensors 6 alarm
Color: Black - Plastic case material - Digital VFD displayer - Can independently display the detection of each sensor with four-channel digital display - Light color display obstacle distance - Green > yellow > red (nearest) - Built-in buzzer alarm loudspeaker - Detection range: 0.3m~2m - Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz - Alarm volume: 83dB - Input voltage: 12V - Accessories: - 1 x Rearview Mirror (580cm-cable) - 4 x Parking sensors (250cm-cable) - 1 x Power cable (120cm) - 1 x Adhesive tape - 1 x 21.5mm sensor drill - 1 x English manual
3204.9 RUR
Double CPU 4 Car Parking System Kit Sensors with LED Display koorinwoo car parking sensors 6 alarm
Description: A Parking Sensor System 4 sensors, double CPUs and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection. With digital colored LED display, it shows the distance and the direction between your car and the back obstruction. Display indicates Right, Middle and Left. Help to prevent dangerous and costly collisions. Help to provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle. Detect small children and low walls as well. A all weather working system, rain-proof and anti-freeze. Specifications: Sensor color:black,white,silver Sensor quantity:4 sensors CPU quantity:2 Function:detecting and displaying distance Working voltage:DC 12V(+-2V) Working current:20ma~200ma Maxi Power: 2W Connection Cable length: 5.6m (Approx) Diameter of the sensor : 22mm(width) Screen size:2x10cm LED Alarming volume:>70dB Ultrasonic Frequency:40Khz Detecting distace: 0.3~2.5m Working temperature: -40~+80 Installation: If you are quite familiar with the products,you can install it properly even without the help of the user manual. If not,then you can ask help from others who is familiar with the products such as 4S shops & can install it properly. Package included: 1x Display Monitor 1x Main Control Box 4x Parking Sensor & cable 1x Power Cable 1x 2.2cm(width) Drill 1x User Manual
16.99 RUR
XY-5202 4-Sensor 3.5 LCD Car Ultrasonic Backup / Parking Sensor System - Black koorinwoo car parking sensors 6 alarm
Brand N/A Model XY-5202 Quantity 1 piece(s) Function Parking sensor system CPU No Detecting Distance 0~2.5m Sensor Color Black Sensor Qty. 4 Sensor Diameter 2.4 cm Monitor Type LCD Monitor Size 3.5" Working Voltage 9~16V Rated Current 20~200 mA Ultrasonic Frequency 40 KHz Alarm Volume 80 dB Working Temperature 30~+70 degree Other Features Easy to install; Rate Voltage:12V; Detecting Distance:0~2.5m; Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz; Display Working Temperature: -20~+60 degree; Feature: Car parking sensor consists of ultrasonic sensors digital control box display; Detects the distance between the car and back obstruction with ultrasonic sensors installed at the rear bumper of car.With the change of alarm sound safe area can be detected correctly; Best choice for the safe of your car Packing List 1 x Host 1 x Display (541cm-cable) 4 x Probes (244cm-cable) 1 x Power cable (78.2cm) 1 x Hole saw 2 x Double side tapes 1 x English user manual
1508.41 RUR
8-Sensor Car Parking Sensor System - Black (12V) koorinwoo car parking sensors 6 alarm
Model AB08-A Quantity 1 Piece Color Black Material Plastic Function Car Parking Sensor System Power Supply 12V Other Features Testing angle: 65+/-5'C; Detection range: 1.2m (front) / 2.2m (back); When Obstacle distance is 0.3M Buzzer sounds "Bi"; Siren volume: 85~105dB Packing List 4 x 6.5m Front sensors 4 x 2.5m Back sensors 1 x Monitor (Cable length: 463cm) 1 x Power cable (80cm) 1 x Power box 1 x 22.3m sensor drill 1 x Adhesive tape 1 x English manual
3630.27 RUR